Mariusz S. Ziółkowski, Mieczysław F. Pazdur †, Andrzej Krzanowski, Adam Michczyński

Welcome to the database of radiocarbon dates for Central Andes.

  1. To start the search, please click on the map of archaeological sites on the home page. It allows to perform a search based on sample ID, site name, country or sample material.
    Additionally, it is possible to include criteria such as:
    - the year of publication of the dating results
    - BP age range of the dated samples
    - the minimum number of samples taken from a given site (e.g. to exclude sites with small number of dates)

  2. After pressing the "search" button, sites with the samples that meet the chosen criteria will be displayed. To view the sample list, please select the site’s marker on the map and press “View Details”.

  3. To view a detailed record of a given sample (also accessible through the “Database” section from the main page), click the sample ID number on the list.

    To calibrate the age of the sample with OxCal 4.4 program, click the “OxCal” button.

    The online version of the database is still systematically supplemented with new data and updated in the case of possible inaccuracies. The first 2672 dates have been also presented in the printed version of the Radiocarbon Database for Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru. In that publication, most dates were provided both in calibrated (Stuiver-Reimers, 1993; Michczynski “Method of calibration”) as well as uncalibrated version.

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 Sample ID  Sitename  Country  Material  Age BP
Beta 201397 Los Resfalines 1
Beta-8260 CA-09-29 charcoal
Tes-5 lost non
Beta-278207 Fuerte Gualfin Argentina bone
QL-4713 Valdez Argentina wood
QL-4714 Potrero Payogasta Argentina wood
QL-4710 Valdez Argentina wood
UGA-16201 Tolombón Argentina human bone
QL-4703 Valdez Argentina wood
UGA-5944 Fuerte Gualfín Recintos bajos Argentina bone

Page 1 of 585 Results 1 - 10 of 5845

We are very grateful to Prof. Christopher Bronk Ramsey for his support in the installation of the date calibration system, based on the OxCal program.